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At home, but still would like your caffeine fix? Check us out on Door Dash! Either delivery or pick up.

Coffee on Door Dash

Welcome to Our Jungle Brew Hub!

Take a break from the play and dive into our full-service coffee shop. Whether you’re craving a classic espresso, seeking solace in a specialty coffee, or just need a refreshing drink, our cafe has got you covered. Pair your beverage with our range of pre-packaged snacks and make your relaxation time deliciously complete.

Coffee & More

Espresso: Our strong and smooth shot to awaken the senses.

Latte: Creamy milk meets rich espresso in this classic favorite.

Cappuccino: A frothy delight with the perfect espresso to milk ratio.

Americano: Espresso stretched with hot water for a smooth finish.

Specialty Coffees: Dive into our range of unique concoctions, each telling a different story.

Snack on the Go

Sometimes you just need a quick bite to accompany your drink. Choose from our selection of:

Cookies: Classic flavors that never go wrong.

Chips: Crunchy and ready to munch.

Nut & Fruit Mix: A healthy mix to keep the energy up.

Kids Snack Packs: Specially curated for our little explorers.


Quality First

Our coffee beans are sourced from sustainable farms, ensuring every cup you sip is not only delightful but also responsible. All our snacks are sourced from trusted suppliers, guaranteeing freshness and quality.

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