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About Us

Filling a Need, Building a Community

Jungle Jamz Play Cafe was inspired by the desire to address a missing piece in our community. We are Meghan and Antonio Hopkins, and like many parents, we felt the need for a unique space—a haven where children could freely explore, play, and grow, while their caregivers could relax and connect.

Meet the Founders

Meghan Hopkins
I moved to Suffolk in 2021 with my family and quickly found myself in the familiar parental challenge of finding an ideal play space post-Covid. As a Hospice RN and a Realtor with The All Things Real Estate Team, I've always had an inclination towards nurturing and providing.


Antonio Hopkins
An active-duty Senior Chief in the USN, my duties brought our family to Hampton Roads. Even amidst our demanding careers, we felt a strong urge to create something beautiful for our community.


Our personal experiences often involved visiting play spaces that weren't optimal. They either were too open, making us chase our kids all the time, or too crowded, leading to our little ones being unintentionally hurt by bigger children. That's when the seed for Jungle Jamz was planted.


Our Mission

It's simple. We want to provide a sanctuary where:

Parents and caregivers can unwind

Let your guard down, socialize, or simply bask in the comfort of having adult conversations. We understand the value of 'me' time. Grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy it while it’s still hot!

Children can be children

A 'yes space' where children can connect with peers, play without restrictions, and indulge their curious minds. Once you feel recharged, feel free to join in the fun!

Join the Adventure

Jungle Jamz Play Cafe is not just a business for us. It’s a passion project aimed at enriching both young minds and the adult souls caring for them. We invite you to experience our vision and be a part of our growing community.

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